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Threaded cartridge valves also have a cost advantage


The hydraulic power unit (HPU) is used as an oil supply device and is connected to multiple cylinders via an external piping system to control the movement of multiple sets of valves.The fuel tank, oil pump and accumulator form a separate sealed power source system.The station can include PLC control system, its control and control room (DCS) exchange signals of all internal hydraulic functions.Hydraulic threaded cartridge valves hydraulic power units may also be such as hydraulic servo valves mounted directly on hydraulic cylinders to make specific applications more economically advantageous, and high pressure hydraulics from zhenhai precision hydraulic equipment plant may be included.

Threaded cartridge valves also have a cost advantage

Through the valve from there into a cylinder or release the pressure of high pressure oil, the oil pump to the fuel supply system, automatically maintain system rated pressure, through the control valve closed, in realizing the function of any position valve to maintain the working status, hydraulic actuators controlled by electromagnetic valve, the system command signal to make electromagnetic valve action, control of the hydraulic generator and energy release, control oil cylinder valve again, through mechanical transmission mechanism drive valve, quickly closed, normally open and close and test control?The high-pressure cylinder can be fixed to the valve lever, or additional hydraulic fluid can be returned to the hydraulic station directly as the actuator so that the piping system can.Valve capable of controlling several parallel connections using a return pipe of one tubing.The hydraulic station with this special drive technology is the pipeline that controls the delivery of the main steam valve and the actuators of the steam turbine bypass system.

The power unit is designed to optimize applications such as truck operation, the price of threaded insert one-way valve zhenhai hydraulic equipment, or it can be used in places where other high performance and quality products are required for industrial conditions in harsh environments to transport the weight over a long period of time.Producing a large number of platforms and using standard components reduces most application industries that meet market requirements to a very small number of threads in a customer's hydraulic component inventory.Significantly reduce the workload of non-standard design.The number.The hydraulic system first determines how much thrust (or torque) is provided to the machine, how much thrust is needed to maintain for a long time, and how much speed, a certain speed, or a variable speed is required.It is necessary to reduce the inertia force when starting and stopping.The impact.After determining the speed and thrust of the actuator, the power source including prime mover and oil pump can be selected.Double sided.

In the workplace, electric power is sufficient, electric motor is preferred. The small flow system on the production line adopts pneumatic type, and the mechanical operation environment where wood can be used for field flow, frequency of use, pressure level, and the F pump of column A2 shall be considered according to the flow range, cost limitation and other factors.The threaded cartridge valve block determines the oil pressure valve according to the operating requirements of the equipment.Choice.Make the need to maintain pressure solenoid valve and accumulator, thrust change at any time proportional valve.Complex systems with rapid reciprocation (such as servo valves) always need to adjust the pressure and flow rate, and all cylinders with different pressures operate simultaneously as hydraulic valves.Hydraulic valve development is oil pressure, pump complex, system residual all called "accessories", filters, coolers, fuel tanks, pipes and pipe joints, etc., these parts can not be ignored, "leakage" is the old problem of the hydraulic system, not yet



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