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Capstan hydraulic system when the common thread insert valve manufacturer processing


After a capstan is lifted, the automatic drop of the weight when the manual valve is in the middle position is caused by any fault.Because zhejiang precision hydraulic parts manufacturer has a balance valve on the oil line according to the general idea, some people can simply brake failure or hydraulic system (hydraulic power unit, hydraulic station, small hydraulic system).

Capstan hydraulic system when the common thread insert valve manufacturer processing

Judgment of winch hydraulic system work in the general issues processing small hydraulic pump station and so on balancing valve damage, in fact, as long as the judge brake failure, the balancing valve on the principle of the hydraulic system also has the function of pressure, but any hydraulic pump and motor are mainly the VP - SF, variable vane pump, GPY external gear pump, double vane pump, gear pump within the VPH, HVP quantitative variable vane pump, QT quantitative vane pump, hydraulic pump, S S quantitative vane pump gear pump in the IVH.HVP variable vane pump, QT oil pressure pump, S quantitative vane pump, P variable cylinder pump and other hydraulic pumps have self-discharge.

Oil discharge is divided into external pipe, in the form of direct back groove and internal flow channel, hydraulic products manufacturer in zhejiang province to connect internal reflux pipe of 2 kinds of price, even if the balance valve pressure, the pressure maintaining indoor oil also can be flow through the motor of the outflow, and therefore, winch manufacturers increase spring return automatic braking position, screw instrumentation overflow valve, also known as hydraulic power unit, small hydraulic pump station, small hydraulic station, hydraulic system, hydraulic station, hydraulic pump station, small hydraulic system.The capstan hydraulic system, which ensures that the brakes stop when the small hydraulic station (station) is not working, does not require a balancing valve for the brakes. Why is the valve located in this oil line?

But, in the oil circuit of winch hydraulic system, balancing valve of the holding function by motor and virtual setting, hydraulic parts factory in zhejiang province only depends on the balance valve detente, latency, and limiting speed, constant speed function ensures the winch with different loads of discharge rate, reduce hydraulic impact, the trouble truck stability when it is running, to ensure the safety of the car in the whole, as a result, automatic falling weight, the brake failure occurs, check that the reciprocating valve and the return oil pipe in the presence of.

Only in the case that the discharge speed of the wire rope is obviously proportional to the load, the focus is placed on the balance valve, and the hydraulic pump is mainly SQP quantitative vane pump, screw insert valve standard double quantitative vane pump, P variable quantity column pump.GPY external gear pump, IPH internal gear pump, QT oil pressure pump, vp-sf parameter vane pump, HVP variable vane pump, HVP variable vane pump, HVP variable vane pump, VP double vane single pump, etc



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