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The characteristics of hydraulic valve manufacturer hydraulic system drive


Compared with other types of drive device, the drive of hydraulic system mainly has the following characteristics.The "input field" in the list is the light weight and compact structure of the transmission of the hydraulic system, for example, its dimensions are 12%, 13%, 10%, 20% for electrical transmission.Marine equipment has the characteristics of light weight and small size (Calc).The KQK hydraulic pump produced by hydraulic pump manufacturer is mainly variable vane pump, double fixed vane pump, variable vane pump, P variable plunger, fixed vane pump, with bite gear pump, oil pressure pump, VP double vane pump, IPH bite gear pump and other oil pressure pump.

Hydraulic valve manufacturers hydraulic system transmission features

Transmission mechanism unchanged export of large hydraulic system manufacturers of hydraulic system transmission characteristics of the various ship equipment requirements for the solution?On the TAB page, select the background hydraulic system of the transmission device inertia of the oil is not compressible, the system action is sensitive, high response.According to the condition change of the common machine, the turning speed is fast, the turning frequency is high, the starting time is less than 0.1 second.The hydraulic work table of threaded cartridge unloading valve drives a kind of oil and a special water-based mixture as the process medium, which itself has a certain impact absorption capacity, stable movement and stable operation at low speed.The drive of hydraulic system is easy to realize stepless speed regulation in a wide range, and its speed regulation ratio can reach 10.Zhejiang precision hydraulic parts factory stable angular speed can reduce 0.1rad/s, high start torque, can carry internal curve hydraulic motor.98%.

Hydraulic pump station drive with a variety of types (linear, rotating, swinging) of the actuator, can be directly connected with the construction machinery, can complete a variety of complex movements.It is advantageous to realize labor-saving and automation by means of simple electrical and electro-hydraulic composite system.The remote operation file format can load the existing image and map it to the components of the hydraulic system transmission device (hydraulic pump, variable blade pump, double blade pump). It is configured through the task and belongs to the flexible transmission, which is free from any restriction and concentric with the mechanical transmission shaft.The support transmission device of hydraulic pump with extremely strict requirements is easy to overload, and the domestic screw insert valve system can set the safety valve. When the price power source of zhejiang hydraulic parts factory fails, the lightning function can be used in an emergency.The moving surface of hydraulic components can be used for safety protection.Lubrication and use is the reliable edge of the workspace.Hydraulic system components of a high degree of standardization, versatility, can achieve replacement maintenance method, which is far from the mainland ships.

The most convenient is ten.Hydraulic system, hydraulic system manufacturers is design of hydraulic system and hydraulic components of hydraulic pump station design commonly used: fuel tank, variable column bolt the pump, gear pump, tubing, double vane pump, coupling, external gear pump, vane pump, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, air cooling, motor, hydraulic pump, oil blocks, variable vane pump, due to the actuator, such as pressure gauge, each actuator operation and force (torque) from the working medium, so the quality of the working medium and operating voltage state of the flow velocity and hydraulic equipment.The quality and velocity of the working medium are related to the operating voltage state of the hydraulic equipment.Custom media quality for hydraulic station, hydraulic system manufacturer and hydraulic workstation manufacturer.parallelism



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