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The working principle of screw insertion valve system for automobile starter


The utility model relates to the working principle of a hydraulic system of an automobile starter.The leg receives the dry tire the support ability is limited, the ningbo hydraulic factory price must reduce the support when the hoisting work.The tires must be imaginary and must be recycled at the end of the operation.

(1) put down the back foot.Pull up the handle of the valve.Valve left Angle contact system.Working principle of hydraulic system of starting engine for automobile with screw insert balance valve oil enters the lower chamber of the ballast, and the plate spring of the rear axle is locked before the rear leg drops.The oil goes into the back leg of the hydraulic cylinder at the same time?Waste (hydraulic system manufacturers to design hydraulic system of hydraulic system often used hydraulic components) : a quantitative variable vane pump, variable vane pump, plunger pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic pump, air cooling, external gear pump, motor, gear pump, fuel tanks, hydraulic system pressure gauge and vane pump pipe road is as follows: oil supply oil: oil pump to switch valve left from a ~ ~ switching valve switch valve left leg after a ~ hydraulic lock ~ hydraulic cylinder chamber?Return road: rear leg hydraulic cylinder upper chamber?Hydraulic lock?Is the last foot on the left tank of the reversing valve?Switch valve back to center.Close the oil.Put down the road.

The working principle of screw insertion valve system for automobile starter

(2) put down the foot of the upper branch.The left handle of the reversing valve is left-handed.Oil is in front of everyone appeared in the hydraulic cylinder inside the room.Thread electric insert valve before the foot placement of the oil line as follows: oil supply oil line: hydraulic pump?Reverse valve left?Switch valve left?Hydraulic lock.Hydraulic cylinder chamber.Return road: ningbo precision oil pressure products factory front leg cylinder down chamber ~ oil pressure lock - switch valve left roll center front leg back.The reversing valve returned to me, closing the way to the oil.During the foot contraction, the left bit connection system of the toggle valve 5 is switched, and the right bit connection of the toggle valve is then connected to the hydraulic system (the manufacturer of the hydraulic system) (the manufacturer of the hydraulic system).Small hydraulic system, small hydraulic pump station, micro hydraulic system, hydraulic system, hydraulic power unit, small hydraulic pump station, including: choice of pump head press (also known as liquid).On the TAB page, select groups of base arms and telescopic arms, and then select cantilever or stretch cantilever.Through the expansion of the arm to complete the expansion of oil pressure cylinder.The cantilever pulls when it is extended.Leverage.Right, hydraulic screw insert valve manufacturer ningbo hydraulic commodity manufacturer price direction switch valve left system.The oil moves toward the lower chamber of the telescopic cylinder, and the telescopic arm extends.

Its oil line is: oil supply oil line: hydraulic pump ~ right position switch valve ~ switch valve left position ~ balance valve ~ telescopic hydraulic cylinder chamber.Return oil: telescopic hydraulic pump chamber to switch on the left a ~ to the seat - tank author: ヤ hours: the 2009-8-8 hands.The control valve oil path in contact with a person changing the right position of the reversing valve is described below.Hydraulic pump.Oil pump, such as vane pump, variable vane pump, double fixed vane pump, variable vane pump, IPH gear pump.Converter valve right position ~ switch valve right beam ~ telescopic hydraulic cylinder upper chamber.Return route: retractable oil pressure cylinder lower chamber ~ pressure equalizing valve - direction switch valve



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