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Hydraulic valve manufacturers of rolling processing and fatigue strength


Hydraulic cylinder in the hydraulic system to use the hydraulic cylinder drive, with a certain quality of the mechanism, ningbo hydraulic power unit hydraulic cylinder in the end of the stroke movement has a large kinetic energy, for example, do not slow down processing, hydraulic cylinder piston and cylinder head mechanical collision, impact, noise.The hydraulic cylinder drive used by ningbo hydraulic valve manufacturer in the hydraulic system has a certain quality mechanism during operation, and when the hydraulic cylinder moves to the stroke end point, it has a large kinetic energy during operation.

Hydraulic valve manufacturers of rolling processing and fatigue strength

In the absence of this deceleration treatment, the ningbo threaded insert valve is capable of producing a degree of noise due to the mechanical impact of the cylinder piston with greater kinetic energy against the cylinder head.Is it destructive?The machining quality of the hydraulic cylinder directly affects the overall life and reliability of the product to a certain extent. The machining requirements of the cylinder cylinder are high, and its inner surface roughness Ra is, coaxiality, ningbo balance valve manufacturers wear resistance requirements are very strict.The basic characteristic of the section column is the industry of deep hole addition.

In the process of operation, the hydraulic cylinder is mainly used for rolling processing. In the process of production, the sealing and erosion of surface micro-cracks are prevented.Therefore, it can improve the surface corrosion resistance, delay the generation and expansion of fatigue cracks, and improve the strength of cylinder fatigue.The hydraulic cylinder is formed by calendering to a certain extent, and the ningbo integrated valve group forms a low-temperature hardening layer on its roller surface, which can reduce the elasticity and plastic deformation of the contact surface of the grinding pair, improve the wear resistance of the inner wall of the cylinder, and avoid grinding burns.After rolling, the surface roughness value decreased and the formula increased.The inner surface fatigue strength of the hydraulic cylinder increased by 25%. During the operation, the service life of the ningbo pressure relief valve manufacturer cylinder only considered the influence of the cylinder cylinder, which increased by 2.3 times, the grinding technology improves the efficiency of the grinding technology.The above data shows that the rolling process can significantly improve the cylinder cylinder.



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