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What is the threaded cartridge valve for the seal ring of the hydraulic cylinder?


What is the main failure mode of hydraulic cylinder seal?Quality balance valve manufacturer in the hydraulic cylinder sealing is very important, ningbo flow control valve when the sealing failure, in its work by the greater impact of the sealing factors, the sealing ring is one of the important factors.Generally, the machining accuracy and roughness of the cylinder wall of the hydraulic cylinder meet the production requirements. As long as the oil is applied on the cylinder wall, its sealing performance can be ensured.The pressure in the hydraulic system is larger, but the contact stress between the sealing ring and the inner wall of the cylinder is larger, but the friction between the two is limited.What is the main failure mode of hydraulic cylinder seal?

What is the threaded cartridge valve for the seal ring of the hydraulic cylinder?

In general, the manufacturer of competitive pressure relief valve seal ring axial displacement is small, therefore, the high precision hydraulic valve is not easy to find wear problems can be seen from many practical applications.Sealing rings are usually not visibly worn.In addition, there are several parts around the sealing ring, resulting in axial displacement.However, this does not mean that the seal ring will not be damaged. In fact, the rupture is usually in the form of adhesives, for example, at a pressure of 350 MPa.After being squeezed by the axial force, the seal ring was pushed into a large amount of cotton.

These adhesives fall from the shaft in the gap between the hydraulic cylinder and the static seat, in which case the high precision solenoid valve seal ring ends.This situation can have a significant impact on the seal ring.In order to avoid the problem of service life, we must first find out the cause of the actual situation, the sealing ring coating agent extrusion is mainly from the gap between the hydraulic and hydraulic cylinder and bottom plate.



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