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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the screw insert valve manufacturers system?


Efficiency of hydraulic system: the hydraulic system shall be effective under the premise of guaranteeing the functional requirements of the main engine.Improve the efficiency of hydraulic system as much as possible to reflect the diversity of power loss in hydraulic system, which is the heat output mode and the oil temperature system is higher.The zhejiang pressure reducing valve manufacturer system causes the e element electric power loss, mainly has the following aspects.High precision hydraulic power unit component strength loss factors include hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders and control components, such as power loss, hydraulic pump loss and hydraulic motor loss.The piping and construction of the control element may also affect the power loss of the entry, since the oil flow resistance is related to the flow pattern.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the hydraulic system?When the working pressure of overflow loss exceeds the opening pressure of overflow door, the overflow valve opens and the flow of hydraulic pump is all or flows to each part through the safety valve.

Screw insert valve manufacturer

In order to ensure the stability of labor organization activities under the labor system to minimize the loss of external outflow back-pressure loss, wuhan hydraulic workstation has been placed on the basis of the back-pressure valve of the return oil component.However, the greater the power of the back pressure valve, the greater the loss.Zhejiang logic valve manufacturer in order to reduce the heat pressure generated by oil return, high precision screw insert valve in the premise of ensuring stable labor organization activities, as far as possible to reduce the pressure, prevent oil or false back pressure work, twisting the force of the brake.Loss?Process?In the open system of the open valve, the directional transfer valve closes the steering of the labor organization, and the actuator returns to the oil, and the brake can only steer.Actuator and external load inertia is very large, brake pressure oil and the inertia force of the organization of moving parts in the complex process of movement, at the same time the hydraulic pressure can enter a relatively high liquid, back to the oil chamber pressure.Can reach the material working pressure several times.Under the action of high pressure, the liquid from the direction of the control valve or stop valve in the extrusion of unintended cracks, so that the mobile tissue function into heat, so that the system oil temperature rise.

In some systems with frequent steering and high load inertia, for example, the heat consumption of the transfer brake is particularly significant due to the arrival of the cutting machine into the system.Hot spots of the system may become the focus.The power supply?The power fraud in the pen hydraulic system reflects the productivity of the main engine.In general, the high precision and dense valve group hydraulic pump station adopts the constant power variable pump higher than the quantitative system.In addition to the dual pump system function, variable system selection, but also can increase power fraud, can also use confluence refueling.The speed control boundary and fine-tuning features reflect the vivid standard of labor organization adjustment rate.

Different construction machinery and micro-adjustment characteristics are different.For example, if the transport machinery equipped with soil, cutting machine requirements are not high, micro-adjustment characteristics and some engineering machinery with the characteristics of improving engineering and other strict requirements, fine tuning.Turbulence and noise: noise and turbulence in the hydraulic system to produce a series of adverse results, hydraulic system does not work, is very important, therefore turbulence and noise control.Hydraulic workstation or higher determinant is the overall system advantage.



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