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What about the threaded cartridge valve for the forklift hydraulic system?


Fork-lift truck is loading and unloading handling, stack and short distance transportation, and disposal wheeled transport vehicles, the hydraulic system in the work process of the conversion of hydraulic power source, in order to bring large transmission loss of the hydraulic system of hydraulic valve manufacturer of power matching power loss of labor efficiency control on usually 50% of the hydraulic system, discusses the energy saving of forklift truck hydraulic system control technology, high-quality goods hydraulic power unit power loss: truck operations, the workers' labor is larger, the changing, lines, there are three times, including high pressure oil pump, hydraulic system transformation of labor force, can be converted into mechanical pressure;Practice devices and hydraulic components convert hydraulic into mechanical energy and heat. All power conversion and transmission processes are accompanied by power loss. At the same time, engine, pump, valve, power matching power loss: forklift deployment environment and target, engine power demand changes, engine regulation performance, engine characteristic curve.

What about the threaded cartridge valve for the forklift hydraulic system?

What about the consumption of the forklift hydraulic system?Under the condition of the engine and hydraulic pump gears, based on the characteristics of engine speed and direction of each engine speed control lever address corresponding to the good energy saving labor and large power rates, as the engine and hydraulic pump, the hydraulic pump energy of attract good match, with the forklift work load changes, the fine thread cartridge valve hydraulic pump absorption power changes, large balancing valve manufacturer is the deviation of engine speed point of the holiday season.Hydraulic source conversion loss: the work, the existence of the relative active components of the hydraulic pump body, the loose seal between the forklift hydraulic system and the hydraulic pump leakage, resulting in the power loss of the system;Produced by positive oil viscosity, flow resistance loss is caused by the strength of the surface resistance of the pump, because of the cavity under the negative pressure and oil pressure under the action of volume shrinkage, strength loss caused by suction in the process of oily oily is too big, so the oil viscosity is large, therefore, due to the large hydraulic pump speed, oil amount not work properly, all of the sealed cavity losses, reduce the efficiency of the pump.

Power transmission loss of the hydraulic system: the pipe series of forklift truck hydraulic system, is usually a series of arbitrary length, fine integrated valve group of big pressure reducing valve manufacturers and several bent head, control valves, filters, pipe fittings and local resistance caused by the device, the hydraulic fluid through a pipe, curve, control valve and pipe joint, pressure loss and local pressure loss;Hydraulic cylinder and other actuator design reasonable design and processing technology, due to the impact of the second touch area of the collision loss, the loss of the hydraulic fluid flow resistance and calorific value decreased, and the oil temperature of the hydraulic system is too high.The oil temperature of forklift hydraulic system is above 85 ℃, the expansion coefficient of secondary phenomenon of aluminum shell is large, the hydraulic valve is easy to be blocked, the rise is obvious, the speed of sealing the lifting cylinder.High pressure rubber tube easy to aging, easy to plug the hole and crack composition.



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