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How does the threaded cartridge valve manufacturer clean the hydraulic system?


The removal of hydraulic parts and the corrosion and turbidity of hydraulic parts during transportation or storage were tested.Not all residual dirt can be removed from the new hydraulic components.Verify that the contaminated oil pressure element has not been disassembled.However, functional testing and quality inspection are necessary.Zhenhai balance valve manufacturer after the completion of the cleaning of the hydraulic system, the installation of the boutique flow control valve hydraulic system is completed, check the pipeline before moving, for cycle cleaning.The normal use of the hydraulic system on the cleanliness requirements are very strict, to ensure the hydraulic pipeline 1, pipeline, valve group and column cleanliness, to achieve the requirements of 2 liquid pressure oil cleanliness.

How does the threaded cartridge valve manufacturer clean the hydraulic system?

How does the hydraulic system manufacturer clean the hydraulic system?Oil pressure system debugging: after confirming the purification standard, join the rules of medium tank association.Must participate in the filtration of the oil medium, the precision of the filter meets the requirements, check all hydraulic system manufacturers hydraulic system installation is correct, and then can achieve debugging.Idling operation: separate the pressure adjusting knob of overflow valve, the power of solenoid valve is large, make the motor run, check whether the steering of the motor is accurate.If correct, the power is continuously turned on and the oil in the pump dehydrates over the flow valve and back to the back column.Pressure debugging: adjust the pressure knob of overflow valve, high quality hydraulic valve periodically increases the pressure, maintain a certain time after reaching the set pressure, check whether all hydraulic systems leak, if there is a leak, zhenhai pressure relief valve manufacturer must deal with it quickly.Debugging: according to the ignition pump operation, left or right button, adjust the rotation speed of the transformer cylinder, to meet the requirements.Debugging note: prohibit the actuator from operating the form of the labor pressure adjustment system.Piping for hydraulic systems shall be located to facilitate branch connection and testing and shall be accessible to or basic equipment.

Piping shall be configured on the target with parallel or vertical lines of the following items, care shall be taken to clean, vertical and horizontal endless lines, few.Between parallel or crossed tubes, higher than a 10mM fallow.Line lOmm should allow more space to prevent turbulence in the transmission line for easy installation and removal of line and installation pipe clips.The pipe has no seam at the arc. The joint must be flat.The equipment along the line of the precision pipe shall be the main body, housing and main configuration.In the setting of the pipeline, as far as possible to shorten the requirements of the pipeline, reduce the number of bending, quality solenoid valve but in the bending of the pipeline cut off the height, quality solenoid valve to ensure the expansion of the deformation of the pipeline, zhenhai logic design enterprises should be in one place to live negotiations, the length of the installation of the pipeline is alive.Pipes and all parts of pipes can be broken down and cannot be dispersed to other parts.

In order to reduce the flow rate of local resistance loss, many corner bending times should be reduced during the discussion.Proper pressure holes should be set in the pipe position and should be checked. The relevant hydraulic system can measure the stress state at each working address. It is common to set pressure points at the address of a medium pipe.



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