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Screw insert valve manufacturers recommend adding glass fiber from nylon


Wear-resistant ring is recommended to increase the raw material of glass fiber by nylon, the physical performance of the raw material's wear-resistant ring and bronze data are appropriate, zhenhai hydraulic power unit wear rate can conveniently accommodate cylinder performance and metal debris, so it has a good reflection.Wear-resistant ring (cup holder) is explained here, fine balance valve company in the support ring without equipment, the oil seal simply damaged.

Screw insert valve manufacturers recommend adding glass fiber from nylon

Wear-resistant ring is recommended by nylon to increase the raw material of glass fiber hydraulic cylinder mechanism cylinder internal leakage is less than the external, because it is difficult to detect internal leakage.Internal leakage caused many shortcomings, such as tank failure, slow speed, cylinder, strict when not working directly, the above situation also led to the failure of other parts.Cylinder internal leakage can be simple discrimination, improve the work equipment, zhensea thread cartridge valve insist on the arm of the front stage and bucket and ground level, the engine stopped, power and pilot, barrel handle (barrel swing) movement, the quality reducing valve company barrel drop speed is higher, the cylinder normal;At the same time, the leakage in the cylinder is severe.

Internal leakage reasons 1, severe wear on piston ring wear, the collision between the piston and cylinder cover, zui last knife is liner, piston and sealing parts. 2) long-term use of fault seal, piston seal (U, V, Y type ring, etc.) of the degradation. 3, the working oil pollution, a large number of impurities into the cylinder, piston seal bad, is usually a scrap iron?Zhenhai integrated valve group other anisotropy through the above introduction found that due to the long-term use of oil seals caused by aging, plus in other traditional work only need careful maintenance, there will be a hydraulic cylinder leakage suspected.So, in the use of excavator work, should pay attention to what?

A simple explanation of the use of the hydraulic cylinder notes in understanding the cause of the hydraulic cylinder oil leakage will have a question, is the use of the cylinder must pay attention to the problem?In the future, the hydraulic cylinder is considered using the matters needing attention, 1, in normal use, the need to pay attention to consider the appearance of the piston rod and collision, to prevent the damage to the sealing parts, now, in a few construction machinery of the plan in the cylinder block board, need to pay attention to, the high-quality goods logic valve company in order to make the attached to the piston rod, do not damage the surface dirt inside the cylinder, piston, cylinder or cylinder, need to make the cylinder work, need to arrange good adhesion in the dust seal department and show on the piston rod of sand soil.Closed harm



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