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Hydraulic valve manufacturer hydraulic cylinder oil leakage distinction


Under normal circumstances, construction machinery hydraulic cylinder leakage has external leakage and internal leakage of two types.I. causes of external leakage

1. The sealing damage caused by the extension of piston rod and piston rod is mostly caused by piston.

Hydraulic valve manufacturer hydraulic cylinder oil leakage distinction

The cylinder is attracted and used for aging;

2. The matching seal between the extension end of the piston rod and the cylinder is damaged;In zhejiang province pressure reducing valve company, zhenhai flow control valve seal aging due to long-term sealing, most of the upper end cover is forced sealing, damage;In addition, many domestic manufacturers' plans for producing oil cylinders are unreasonable. In many cases, manufacturers are formed to save costs.

3. The oil groove causes the rupture of the tubing joint and the leakage of the hydraulic cylinder.Hydraulic cylinder leakage partition

4. There are defects on the hydraulic cylinder or the end cover of the cylinder, resulting in oil leakage.

5, the piston rod into the pull groove, hole, etc.

6. The falling off of the sliding oil causes an abnormal increase in the temperature of the hydraulic cylinder, and cu ages when it enters the sealing ring.

7.Oil leakage is often caused by using the pressure scale of the cylinder.Hydraulic valve manufacturers overflow oil seepage oil is mostly in the main oil seal caused by deformation deterioration after the formation of wear.In general, under long-term high-temperature, high-pressure and high-speed movement, the main oil seal of zhejiang logic valve company is simple aging, and the better oil seal has the probability of deformation in this case, while the better oil seal has a small probability of deformation. After the deformation of y-type oil seal, the sealing lip has no tension, leading to oil leakage.When working, a large number of dust and impurities are attached to the cylinder stem, and the dust and oil seal can prevent dust and impurities from entering the cylinder and the harm of the cylinder and oil seal. When the dust and oil seal is damaged, the dust and dirt can directly enter the cylinder head and directly harm the oil seal and oil groove.Tens of seconds of oil seal no wear, showing wear on the inner lip.It was found that the cylinder was black, the inner wall was wiped off, and the solvent-enriched lead in the paint on the inner wall was attached to the surface of the cylinder under long-term high temperature collision, and the wear resistance ring was replaced.Wear-resistant ring (cup holder) is mainly in the cylinder, one is wear resistance, 2 boutique hydraulic valve company is to eliminate the impact of side force.No replacement after wear, cylinder will become black, the main oil seal oil (because can not eliminate the impact of useful side force, so into the main oil seal type), cylinder appearance.



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