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Screw insert valve manufacturers should pay attention to the problem


Combined with the traditional production experience, in the process of processing, pay special attention to several important links, hydraulic power unit manufacturers large logical valve company can effectively ensure the quality of hydraulic cylinder barrel processing, reduce defects.First of all, in the preparation process, must fully consider the size of the chuck, the size is too small, the two ends of the education stop length processing, the middle of the workpiece positioning is not correct, the processed cylinder product thickness is not uniform.

Second, the hydraulic cylinder in the process of processing must pay attention to the second, the hydraulic cylinder heat treatment, the screw insert valve manufacturers of its size and hardness not only affect the quality of the cylinder, and the subsequent processing process has a great impact.If the hardness is uneven, the tool will wear out faster and become useless even in the presence of the tool.

Screw insert valve manufacturers should pay attention to the problem

If the use of sliding tools for processing, zhejiang hydraulic valve company will also affect the quality of the back hole.Secondly, as the fixture and bed adjustment link of the workpiece, the actual situation of multiple filling is required. In the overall middle project, the center line of fixture, workpiece, drill spindle, tool handle, oil knife, drill knife and rolling rod should be consistent.Integrated valve set manufacturers this is the hydraulic cylinder processing process is the key to ensure good quality correlation.When adjusting the bed, the use of magnetic meter, can check oil, can check the concentricity of the drill pipe and spindle, second, in the roller processing, in order to fully improve the quality of the surface of the hydraulic cylinder, need to ensure the roughness and accuracy of the workpiece before the rotation;Like this, it is a good thing that it is necessary to maintain the external surface quality.The roughness of the surface of the front bottom hole is controlled by yi constant norm.

At present, zhejiang balance valve company deep hole processing used in the rolling head has a variety of forms, the principle of adjustment is phase, in addition, as a bit processing and hopper processing of a link, the specific process quality directly affects the cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder.Horning is a conventional method for machining inner hole, which can effectively improve the surface roughness of cylinder and the precision of back hole. Horning is more adaptable than deep hole roller.



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