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How to solve the screw cartridge valve price problem


The pressure of the hydraulic cylinder has been required, but it still has the problem of not working, zhenhai balance valve company is mainly the problem of its hydraulic cylinder structure.The main note is that the piston end face and the cylinder end face are closely connected, and even cannot start normally due to insufficient working area.If the cylinder does not rotate, can the hydraulic power unit supplier use a cylinder with a buffer to close the return circuit of the check valve with a piston?In addition, regarding the piston rod of the oil cylinder, its cylinder and piston are moved by "other forces".

How to solve the screw cartridge valve price problem

Zhenhai pressure relief valve company to further ensure that the guide sleeve and piston rod fit clearance is relatively small?How to solve the hydraulic cylinder pressure has reached requirement is still not working, and the phenomenon of hydraulic cylinder can not rotate, to ensure that the piston rod and the piston rod rubber fitting clearance of guidance to set is small, and the hydraulic cylinder has a bad phenomenon, for example, thread cartridge valve supplier compared the piston rod and the piston and cylinder cover, the coaxial degree of difference between zhenhai theory of the hydraulic cylinder valve company and its parallel degree to compare the work station.Due to the hydraulic circuit of the lower hydraulic cylinder, the main reason is that the oil in the back pressure chamber of the hydraulic cylinder cannot enter the oil tank.

This is because the oil return path of speed regulator of small hole adjustment, or to return the oil side of the switch valve is not action, from the face, in fact, it is attached to one root, so the use of such oil bath, to be able to working fluid rapidly into the problem of piston of hydraulic cylinder, the location of the mouth of the cylinder in a oil, integrated suppliers can swallow into the face of the piston valve group, after this is because you have to check the clearance between the hydraulic cylinder.In other words, you have to think about the specified values.Then, check the fit gap and repair the guide sleeve to meet the required fit gap.



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